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We design entertainment. We master plan and design Theme Parks, Water Parks, Rides, Shows, Attractions, Parades, and Spectaculars, Entertainment Retail and Dining Destinations, Freestanding Attractions, Historical Re-Creations, Mixed-Use Podiums and Environmental Graphics.

International Resort Management Services is a dedicated group of design professionals with a solid foundation in real-world experience AND the ability to create remarkable, fresh ideas. A mixture of ego-free visionaries, we are architects, illustrators, interior designers, theatrical set designers, graphic artists, media producers, master planners, landscape architects, and the occasional costume designer.

Knowledgeable, experienced, and passionately working in unison, our “brain trust” is constantly searching for emerging trends and entertainment innovations.


– Master Planning & Concept Design

master planning

A great guest experience begins with great planning, and that is just what we do in the master plan and concept design phase! Putting together the puzzle pieces of your business needs, amazing experiences for your visitors and practical practicalities for operations, we seek a balance between fantasy and pragmatism, aesthetics and functionality.

– Theme Parks, Rides, Shows & Attractions

water parks

Danger! Rides, Shows and Attractions are like particle colliders–you need rocket scientists to prevent creating a black hole for your budget! But no need to worry if you hire an experienced team. Combining the art of showmanship with state-of-the-art technology requires a diverse team of artistic and technical professionals focused on Creating Fun–Yes, you need rocket scientists! Making it easy for the fun to occur requires a skillful orchestration of creative vision, technical know-how, project schedules, and client goals. The IRMS team brings together virtuoso talent with experience creating world-class entertainment worldwide.

– Water Parks


Creating splashy attractions need not be a hair-raising experience! With real world experience in relaxing lazy-rivers, thrilling water slides and family-friendly wave pools, we can help dream up various options to suit your business needs while ensuring that the physics and budgetary math still work.

Entertainment Facility Planning & Design

Entertainment Facility

How the heck are you going to build that castle, spaceship, or submarine? Worse yet, how are you going to get people into that fake mountain? What about guests in wheelchairs? Leave it to the professionals who enjoy designing brand new buildings that look 700 years old, but meet current building and accessibility requirements. Safety is number one, so an experience facility designer is essential to blend ride/building/evacuation/operational/entertainment requirements into a seamless experience.

Retail & Dining Destinations

Retails and Dining

“Retail-tainment” fuses entertainment into retail and dining venues, creating a differentiating draw in today’s competitive market. Mixed use complexes, shopping malls, and lifestyle centers can all benefit by integrating entertainment elements into the venue. The end result is an increased length of stay and more frequent customer visits. Whether it’s an interactive water feature, a live entertainment program, integrating entertainment with F&B, or nighttime spectacular, we have created world-class, entertaining environments that sell.

High-Rise Podiums & Urban Entertainment Centers

High-Rise Podium

Today’s savvy developers use entertainment to anchor and differentiate developments of all types. With our deep background in retail planning and the design of mixed-use developments, as well as our entertainment expertise, we provide developers with a comprehensive podium planning solution. Working in sync with our client’s architects, hotel and office design experts, we will ensure the requirements of successful entertainment and retail are provided for.

Freestanding Attractions & “WOW” Features

free standing

We design freestanding attractions, or “WOW!” features, that breathe new life into your casino, shopping mall, or other destination in need of increasing sales revenue by extending customer length of stay. WOW! Features can be as small as a musical fountain to as large as an exploding volcano or sinking pirate ship. Using theme park programming and performance techniques, our WOW! features are automatic, and can be seamlessly integrated into existing facilities, in virtually any theme–limited only by budget and imagination. To bring a WOW! feature to your venue, please contact us.

Environmental Graphics | Signs & Way-Finding

Environmental Graphics

Signs and Way-finding are the icing on the cake, the final details that make entertainment environments come to life. Sensitivity to signs and typography brings another layer to the entertainment venue’s design language, further reinforcing the theme, era, and locale.


Why Hire Us? | Why We Are Best


We offer Clients real-world, owner-operator experience gained in many world-class projects for Universal, Disney, Paramount Studios and Six Flags. Our world-wide, decades of multi-cultural experience saves our Clients time and money.


Our experience has given us the knowledge, secret methods, techniques, and processes underpinning successful entertainment projects. We actively apply insider’s best practices to create successful attractions for our Clients.


Our team have the Talent & Creativity required to rapidly create on-target designs that will sell tickets and encourage repeat visitation. With masters experience from Disney and Universal, your project will be created by the industry’s best.

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