Smart Living – Advantages of a Custom Made Cabinet in Singapore.

Looking for the perfect kitchen cabinet can be a nearly impossible task which comes down to how much you’re willing to compromise. Nobody wants to compromise – I mean, how many times have you found something you really like but had to give it up simply because the colour scheme didn’t match your home? Or it had an amazing feature that you really liked, but everything else about it cramped your style. If you’ve found yourself in this situation before, maybe it’s time to consider getting a custom made cabinet instead. Getting a custom made cabinet in Singapore is a particularly good idea, and here a few good reasons why:

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Advantages of Getting a Custom Made Cabinet Furniture in Singapore.

1. Space Saving. 

Although apartments in Singapore are a little larger than they were before, it’s still a pretty small. The lack of space becomes more apparent for people who like to hoard things or are too sentimental to throw things out (hoarding disorder, maybe?).

A custom made cabinet can overcome many of these issues. The most popular are built-in cabinets. Built into beds, above doorways and walls, it’s a clever way of getting more storage space in. Vertical space is an often overlooked resource, and it makes a lot of sense to take advantage of it.

2. Adaptable Design Cost.

With custom made cabinets, many of the details in the design process can be tailored to suit your tastes and budget. Costs can be broken down into two main components: cost of materials and cost of workmanship. With custom made cabinets, the needs for either component can be pushed back and forth, depending on what’s needed.

For example, cheaper materials can be used in order to bring costs down. This freed budget can then be allocated where we want it, whether for more functionality or left alone as cost savings. And the opposite can be done instead, with high-quality materials brought in for better aesthetics but at the cost of functionality.

3. Higher Quality

Carpenters tend to place more emphasis on quality when they aren’t trying to mass produce a single type of furniture for the market. More importantly, because each piece bears the carpenter’s name they are more likely to want to do a good job. It makes their portfolio look good.


Disadvantages of Custom Made Cabinets Furniture in Singapore.

1. Time Consuming.

Because work on custom made cabinets only starts when an order is made (in addition to the time it takes to listen to and understand what the customer wants), there will inevitably be a long delay before a piece is completed. So if you’re short on time, your only option would be to explore retail options and hope that you find what you want.

2. More Expensive.

There are few reasons why custom made cabinets are usually more expensive. First, the extra effort required to listen to their customers, understand what they want and then draw up the plans means that carpenters will have to compensate by charging more.

The second reason is one that we should keep an eye out for: unscrupulous carpenters who pull the blanket over their customer’s eyes and slip in expensive materials into designs. This can make an otherwise cheap piece of furniture to become far more expensive than it should be.

3. Not Meeting Expectations.

The strongest advantage of custom made cabinets can also be its biggest disadvantage. When miscommunication between customers and carpenters happen, there’s a good chance that the end product will be different than intended, leading to discontent and possibly a few angry words. Better to find a good carpenter in Singapore than to risk all the hassle.

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